Host your Rails assets to Amazon S3 and CloudFront CDN

Few of Amazon AWS services are now hard requirement of any application. Out of all Amazon AWS services S3, CloudFront and EC2 are widely used services.

I am working on product since long time and.....

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Truncating html markup in Ruby on Rails

In almost all the projects, client now wants feature to add,update content of website dynamically from admin panel. I mostly use CKEditor as rich text editor. Using CKEditor user can generate.....

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Paperclip : undefined method 'attachment_definitions' in Rails

Paperclip is popular gem used in rails project to provide attachment feature in your model. It is very flexible and easy to use.

I mostly use paperclip for my project if I need to provide.....

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Customize Devise Sing in and Sign up to respond in json

Devise is a popular gem in Rails world for authentication. It gives almost everything for authentication. I mostly use Devise for my most of Rails application.

Apart of all the features provided,.....

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Deploying ruby on rails application with Nginx + Passenger in few simple steps

Nginx is web server like Apache. Passenger is application server like Puma,Thin, Mongrel, Webrick.
Today We are going see different steps of installation of passenger module in Nginx because.....

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